Dahi Tikkas

I am a BIGGG fan of hung curd. I use it as dressing for salads, dips, Pasta sauce, of course cheese cake and so now I thought why not give tikkas a shot.

I got about 150gms  hung curd from 200gms set curd [You may use any curd for that matter. Set curd contains very less water, hence the choice]

Listing the ingredients for your benefit:

Hung Curd                                          – 150gms

Paneer [cottage cheese]                – 150gms [Grated] I prefer to make it at home. It has a great grainy texture.

Chilly                                                     – 2 nos. I used on red one green

Spring onion                                       – a couple of stalks with the greens chopped finely

Salt                                                          – to taste

Ginger                                                    – about an inch grated

Methi [Fenugreek]                           – one small bunch, blanched for 2 min in salt water , chopped.

Palak [Spinach]                                 – one small bunch, blanched for 2 min in salt water , chopped.

Bread Crumbs                                   – half a cup [to combine all the ingredients]

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the bread crumbs. Add the crumbs till you feel the moisture is soaked well.

heat a skillet and make a thin pattie and cook till done.

Alternatively, fry them as small balls and serve with dipping of your choice.

Happy Cooking


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