Eggless cake with Dulce de Leche and pears

I had posted about the Nestle cake mix that I used to make a sponge.

I assembled it with a rich Latin American Caramel called Dulce de Leche and some fine slices of Poached pear.

For Dulce de Leche:

1 can…………………. Condensed Milk

Boiling water [Enough to keep the cooking going for 4 hours]


  • Open the lid of the condensed milk can for about 1/3-1/4
  • Place the can in a shallow pan of boiling water for 3 hours.
  • Keep adding boiling water to maintain constant level
  • Stir once after every 1 hour. I used a knife to do so.
  • Once you see a toffee color concoction in the tin, it is ready to be moved to a bowl.
  • It can be a bit lumpy, but a quick whisk shall let you get rid of the lumps.
  • Empty in a glass container and use it for almost 2-3 months even if it is not kept in fridge.

For Poached Pears:

I used this  classic recipe to poach 1 medium-sized pear.

Once cooked well. I sliced it fine and used a kitchen paper towel to soak excess water.

For Sponge:

I did this.

To Assemble:

  • Once cooled on the wire rack, cling wrap the cake and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  • Take it out after the chilling time and slice it half to form a layer.
  • Let it thaw for about 15-20 min in the room temperature.
  • Spread the caramel generously and place sliced pears in it.
  • Cover with the other layer of the cake.
  • Add the caramel on the top as well and add the pears.
  • You may add chocolate shavings too.

I am adding this to Bake Fest#6 at Sumee’s Blog:

A Brain Child of Vardhini’s kitchen.

And at

at I Love Baking

Happy Baking.



P.S- Hope to give another entry by next week. Creating a lovely cake for the DH’s 30th Birthday. ❤


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