Product Review- McDonald’s Spice Fest

Well, it was a planned visit to get out favourite comfort food after the long night of dancing and goofing around. We went to the Mc Donalds at HSR Layout, Bangalore. [The place is more open than the madivala Mc Donalds, more friendly staff and more over it was closer to a friend’s place]

We were greeted by this:

Having seen the adverts about the Mexican Spice fest I was the brave one to try the feast. Our order was:

  • Mexican Spice Veg
  • African piri piri Shake shake fries
  • Mexican Spice
  • Asian Hot Garlic Dip [Which we did not get as the person on the counter was having a bad day and we didn’t want to mess with her. We did make do with our regular mustard.]

The highlight of all the burgers is the flavoured burger bun. Ahem…it just does not work. Especially with the raw, flavorless capsicum hanging out the burger makes it more un-appeasing. So the non veg burger is out of picture. Will never try again.

The veg pattie had a lovely crunch but the lack of lettuce just makes the capsicum, tomato and onion look shameful. Can try once.

The shake shake fries…Well in my experience, the mix made the fries soggy and I hate the sloppy fries. The oil content in the mix needs to be checked.

I shall definitely return for the Asian Garlic Dip… but I will stick to my standard order of McSpicy burger [non mexican range], fries and McFlurry-Oreo shake.

More later.



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