7 Layer Neapolitan Cake

It is a labor of love and patience. I took 2 days to bring this together. If one is very quick with the knife, the sponge shall retaliate and break [Happened to me]. Fridge is your best friend when it comes to assembling a cake/making a layered cake. You MUST put the cooled sponge in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. I put my 5 sponges [2 chocolate cake, 2 yellow cake and 1 strawberry] in the fridge over night. They have to be neatly and carefully cling wrapped before putting in the fridge. For the chocolate layers between the sponges i used this simple frosting recipe I found. 1/4 cup… Butter 1/4 cup… Cocoa 1/4 cup… Milk 1 Cup… icing sugar [In case you don’t have any, take powdered sugar and add 2Tsp Cornflour to it] 1 Tsp… Vanilla A pinch of salt Method:

  • Melt Butter, add the sugar. Heat for only couple of min.
  • Remove from heat and Add the balance ingredients and mix using a beater.
  • Beat for about 3 min. It should not be runny and should not be on the piping consistency. Make it spread-able by adding more milk if needed.

Now how to assemble the cake. You shall need: – A cake stand/ plate – An icing spatula/butter knife [I used the latter] – Some preo crumbs [Optional]

  • Take the sponges out the fridge and cut them in the center horizontally to make a neat layer.
  • Make sure you use a saw motion to make the layer. Try to keep the hand as straight as possible while cutting it.
  • Place strips of butter paper on the edges of the cake stand/plate on which you are going to put the cake.The center of the cake stand should be visible i.e. not covered with butter paper.
  • Put a tiny blob of frosting in the middle of the cake and put the first layer of the cake that you wish to put. I put the yellow cake layer first. This bit of frosting in the center makes sure the base sponge does not move.
  • Add a spoonful ot two of the frosting on the sponge and cover the top part of the first sponge.
  • I then added some oreo crumbs on it, before placing the second sponge.
  • Add the layers [as many as you wish].
  • In case the cake looks a little lop sided, add more frosting the the droopinf sponge and lift it to the level of the rest of the sides.
  • Once the top most sponge has gone up, cover the entire cake with thin layer of frosting to seal the crumbs.
  • Put the cake in the fridge for an hour or so before covering it with frosting on top.
  • Now to frost the outer layer of the cake, I decided to use the Pillsbury Chocolate Frosting

  • Scoop out the frosting and slater on the cake.
  • Make sure it covers the sides and top evenly and does not expose any bit of the sponge. – I could not correct the top layer lop-sideness] 😦

For the Red Icing: Well it was constant beating of some butter, melted white chocolate, a little red edible color [I used gel form], vanilla essence and icing sugar. It should come to a consistency where it stays on the beater blades and does not drip. It should hold the shape it is given. Put it in a piping bag and explore the endless designs. It is wise to practice a little on some butter paper then do it on the cake. I finished the cake with scribbling Happy Birthday with my Dulce de Leche and throwing some silver balls carelessly. Put it back in the fridge until an hour before serving. Remove the butter paper lining and be ready to see the dazzled faces of the guests, friends and family. Product Review: Pilsbury Creamy Chocolate Frosting

  • Priced at INR under 100 for 100 gms
  • It is enough to layer and cover a 2 layer cake.
  • Lovely consistency
  • It is not grainy at all and tastes fabulous.
  • Spreads perfectly if all care is taken to make sure the result is a smooth frosted cake.
  • A very happy tumbs up.

Ah and also I got this 🙂 Love This goes to: This goes to: Bake fest #6               I Love Baking                   Also to My Crowded Kitchen.

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