Spinach and Lentils/Dal Palak

This is my favourite quick fix lentil recipe. All you need is chana dal and the freshest spinach.

You shall need: [Serves 2]

1 Cup… Chana Dal [Soaked for 2 hours in warm water]

1 Bunch… Spinach [Washed thoroughly and cut in medium slithers]


1… Medium Size Onion [Chopped]

2…Green Chillies [Chopped]

1…Medium Size TOmato [Chopped]

1/2 inch…Ginger [Cut finely]

1/2 Tsp…Red Chilly Powder

1 tsp…Turmeric Powder

Water to cook the dal [About 2 cups]

1 Tbsp..Oil

1 Tsp…Jeera

1/2 Tsp…Hing


  • Boil the chana dal for 2 whistles and then 1 whistle on slow. Turn off the gas and let the steam escape on its own.
  • In a wok, heat oil. Add the jeera, ginger and hing.
  • Add the onions and let them sweat a little. Once they turn translucent, add the green chillies and tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes are cooked.
  • Add the turmeric and red chilli powder. Stir.
  • Add the boiled dal along with the water it was cooked in.
  • Finally add the spinach, Stir and let it cook on a medium flame with a lid on.
  • Add salt to taste and serve with Parathas or steamed rice.


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