Of Bangalore, weather and corporates

Past few days Bangalore has had a lovely weather. Almost all day the sky looks like this:

I checked the forecast for the weekend and it looks promising.

I arrived at Bangalore on May 4, 2008. I was greeted by this big city that has people on the road all the time. I was stationed at a guest house for a few days till I find a place of my own. I started my first day at the first job on May 5, 2008. Only if I would not have moved on I would have received congratulatory emails from a lot of people. Things never remain same, but one thing remains constant that an organization does not wait for anyone. It is an entity that makes its living by feasting on a couple of hours every day  of each of its employees.

Looking back it aches to think of my last day at the first ever company I worked for. I had just 2 people around who had come to office especially for me. They are the worthy friends that I made there.

God Bless you guys.


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