Cooking with Whole Foods

Cooking with whole foods is an event started by Kiran of the awe-inspiring blog-  SAMADHURA

Excerpt from Kiran’s blog:

“There are lots of various whole foods available around us but we are all stuck to eating only a few of them due to several reasons—-due to habit,due to unavailability of certain whole foods in certain places,due to high costs of these foods,due to lack of knowledge about certain foods etc.reasons may vary.I ,myself was unaware of lots of veggies and fruits till I came to USA—one reason being these vegetables(like broccoli,colored peppersetc),fruits(kiwi,berries etc) and grains(quinoa,oats etc.) were not available 10 yrs back in my place.I don’t even remember seeing the pictures of these too.Now most of these vegetables,fruits and grains are available ,still there are some that no one has heard about in some places.”

For this Month the whole food chosen is Spinach and the event is hosted by Vardhini of Cook’s Joy fame.

“Thanks Kiran for letting me host the event. Spinach is my favorite veggie and is very healthy. I mostly use the frozen form and buy the fresh bags from Costco now and then. Thankfully my kids love spinach and I do not have to sneak it in for them. So friends for this event, that runs for two months please link in your healthy spinach dishes.”

I am submitting the following  entry for this event:

Spinach and Lentils/Dal Palak





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