Dish it out

Dish it out is a monthly event and is a brain child of Vardhini of Cook’s Joy.

An excerpt from her blog:

” “Dish it Out” is going to be a monthly event where the host will pick 2 or 3 ingredients and the participants need to use ALL the ingredients mentioned by the host in one dish. The ingredients can range from vegetables to flours to legumes .. basically anything vegetarian. We should be able to taste the chosen ingredients in the dish. We can get wacky with the ingredients or keep it simple and it is totally up to the hosts.
Do drop in a line at vardhini(at)cooksjoy(dot)com with your name, blog details and choice of ingredients(you can pick 2 or 3) if you are interested in hosting this event.”
Pavani of Cook’s Hideout is hosting the event for May.
An excerpt from her blog:
” I will be guest hosting it for this month and my choice ingredients are “Eggplants & Tomatoes”. Being a eggplant lover, I want to see what all of you  can dish out with Eggplant and Tomatoes as star ingredients. “
I am submitting the Meatless-Meat Balls for this event. Hope you guys like it 🙂

Thank you for dropping by :)

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