Makkai Nu Cheen #GujaratiFood101

Apologies for being a lazy bum and not making anything blog worthy over the weekend. The DH came home after a week long trip and left again on Monday Morning.

He rightfully calls our home a well-kept barn, where he can get clothes washed, ironed, have breakfast in bed, watch TV, read, go for a walk but all of that with a companion 🙂

This is one of him MOST favourite Gujarati dish.

It uses very basic ingredients and tastes absolutely magnificent.

Cheen is nothing but anything that is grated well. In this case it is Corn cobs grated. However you may use the packaged corn. You need to blend it with a little milk till it is of an almost-puree consistency.

You shall need: [Feeds 1]

2… corn cobs [Or about 250-300 gms corn kernels]

1… Green chilli [Finely cut]

1/4 inch…. Grated ginger

1 Cup… Milk

1/4 Tsp… Mustard Seeds/Rye

1/4 Tsp… Carom seeds/Ajvain

1 Tbsp… Oil



  • Grate the corn cobs, keep aside. [Or semi puree the kernels]

  • Heat oil in a wok, add the ginger, chilli, mustard seeds and carom seeds.
  • Once oil is nicely smoked, add the corn.
  • Dont worry if the corn starts to stick to the pan.

  • Add half the milk and reduce the flame to sim. Cover and let it cook for about a min or so.

  • Remove lid and stir. Add the balance milk and let it cook.
  • Stir after a couple of min. so that the corn does not stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Add salt, taste. It should be sweet, salty with a hint of the chilli.
  • Serve with Bhakri/chapati/paratha.

The family loves it eat it all by itself, aka no sides.



Thank you for dropping by :)

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