Lobia/Black Eyed Pea Curry

I feel lobia is a really under-appreciated lentil. I hardly see any use of it in the kitchens now a days. In fact many of my friends use it to blind bake the tart shells.

Here is how it looks:

I am going to make a very simple curry using this beautiful smooth lentil that goes very well as a side dish.

You shall need: [Feeds 2-3]

1 cup…Black Eyed Pea/Lobia [Washed and soaked overnight]

2 -1/2 Cup …water

1… Plump tomato [Chopped]

1…Medium Onion [Chopped]

1…Green Chilli [Finely Chopped]

1 Tsp… Turmeric Powder

1 Tsp… Ginger Garlic paste

1/2 Tsp… Red Chilly Powder


a pinch of Hing/asafoetida

1/2 Tsp… Cumin Seeds

1 Tbsp… Oil


  • Boil the pre-soaked lentil in a pressure cooker with 2 cup water. 2 whistles on high flame and 2 whistles on low flame. Dont open until the steam has escaped.
  • In a pan, heat oil. Add the hing, cumin and green chilly.
  • Add the onions and sweat them.
  • Now put in the tomatoes. Add a few tbsp water, reduce the flame to medium. Cover the lid and let it cook until the fat comes up [oil in this case]
  • Add all the masala(s) and cook for 20 sec.

  • Now add the lobia with the water it was cooked in.
  • Cook it covered with a lid on medium flame for 5-7 min.
  • Remove lid and let the water reduce to the level you like.
  • Serve hot with chapati/bhakri/paratha.


I am sending this to Dish Name Starting with L event at Learning to Cook blog by Akila


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