Review: Chianti Ristorante and Wine Bar

Nestled in the heart of the melting pot of cuisines aka Koramangala, Chianti can be easily missed if you dont pay attention. It is located near Sukh Sagar at Koramangala.

We were driving by on the road towards Jyoti Niwas College and we landed up at this warm and lovely place.

We were greeted by a gentleman who seemed to be the owner of the place. A smile was in place. The servers then took us around and asked us to select a suitable location.

The place has 2 sections: Open [With Fans] and Air Conditioned. Unfortunately the Air Conditioned section had an aroma of something that was too strong for me to have a relaxed Saturday Brunch. We/I chose the Open section.

A make- your- bruschetta plate greeted us. It has 2-3 slices of toasted bread which seemed like a Baguette, Garlic pods, Fresh Basil, tomatoes and Olive oil. I came to rescue to the pati who was confused to see the a rather awkward selection of random veggies on a tray. I rubbed a garlic pod on the bread, put a few drops of olive oil, bruised the basil and layered it on top and added the Tomatoes. Then came some salt and pepper and more olive oil. As simple as it is seems, it tastes divine. Garlic- Basil – Olive Oil is a marriage made in heaven.

We ordered a Ceaser’s salad with grilled chicken and a green salad with fresh mozzarella.  Both of them were DIVINE.

We also got a basket of fresh breads. One seemed like a small roll of cibata bread, another was herb-ed bread and a few lovely soup sticks. The herb butter was a revelation.

The minestrone soup was a let down. It was a flimsy broth and lacked a note worthy flavor.

The Chenin blanc didnt let us down as it was our regular brand.

We ordered a Rustica Pizza next and to me surprise it was soaked in the veggie and cheese juices in the center. That rendered it to be not so pleasant. However the flavors were bang on.

The dessert was to die for. Peanut butter chocolate mousse with Banana tuile.  Very very highly recommended.

We were informed that the chef  was previously working for Tuscano and has now joined here. Works well for us.

We paid 2K for all the meal stated above. Seemed like a bargain to me.

Over all-

Food- 4/5 [For desserts make it 5/5]

Selection- 5/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Staff- 4.5/5

Price- 4/5

Here is the contact details:

12, 5th A Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
080 41132021

Happy feasting.


One thought on “Review: Chianti Ristorante and Wine Bar

  1. Its a place with cool ambiance but its not worth spending there.

    TOO much limitations in the menu.Horrible no options for vegetarians.

    Menu and lighting was the horrible.
    Lame selection of wines ans very less. There is no single dish without vegetarian ingredient.

    Meat and Seafood dishes with all cheese and tomato bases with few herbs does not give any difference

    No value for money and less desserts option..a

    Melbourne and Los Angeles Italian food is the best.. Bangalore has crap Italian and other cuisine..

    People eat whatever looks attractive and they throw money. THey love to get cheated in India.
    Unhealthy and not satisfying. TIRIMUSU was horrible… Will not visit again.

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