Ammini Kozhukkattai – Blog Hop Wednesday week 19

This time I had a fellow WordPress blogger for the Blog Hop. What a delight My Kitchen Trials blog is. Beautiful beautiful pictures.

Rajani is a beautiful cook and I am sure a delightful hostess.

About Blog Hope Wednesday:

It is the brain child of Radhika of Tickling Palate‘s fame-

“This venture is an attempt to broaden our culinary skills, get to know each other and try out new recipes and at the same time be connected with other bloggers meanwhile making ourselves into becoming the best cook. Throw in some interaction, suggestion, ideas with a new blogger it will be added fun giving us all a chance to visit others space and going through it fully.”

I have been a part of 3 of these hops and I look forward to them very often.

For this week I chose lovely looking Ammini Kozhukkattai, steam rice balls with a fabulous tempering.

Mine were not as pretty but I guess it is the fault of the dough consistency. I was not sure how stiff or how loose. I stuck to the muthia consistency.

You shall need:

Steam Rice Balls-

0.5 Cup… Rice Flour

1 Cup… Boiling water

1 Tsp…Salt


0. 5 Tsp… Mustard Seeds

2 Tsp… Oil

0.5 Tsp… Red Chilly Powder

1 Tbsp… Peanuts


  • Add boiling water and salt slowly to the rice flour. You might not need the entire quantity of water.

  • The dough must be little loose than chapati dough.

  • Once the mix is a little pliable [slightly less hot to touch], shape them in small dumplings. [A tip to make the dumplings: put some oil on the tips of the fingers, it makes the dough slide off the fingers very easily]
  • Steam the balls for 7-8 min.

  • Once done heat oil in the wok, add mustard seeds and peanuts. Toss in the rice balls and sprinkle chilly powder on it.

Trust me it is to die for.



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