Sunday Brunch at Home

I am infamous for spoiling my guests with choice. One of our friend Sumit had come back after his wedding. We decided to give him and the wife a welcome party. Venue was my place 😀

I was tired of not experimenting international food when I was hosting a group of 5 or above. So this time I had the perfect strength to sample on. 8 people.

Here was what I decided to make:

Nachos- with Sour cream and Salsa

Cocktail Pizza

Mexican Rice Burrito

Rolled Lasagna

Apple cake with Fudge and ice cream.

Out of the above only the following were from the bazaar:

Pizza base and Ice cream.

I was indeed proud of me. P was very very helpful as always. He cleaned the house and made it welcome worthy, took me shopping for the stuff and even volunteered to go back for second round. he is always a darling at time like this.

Anyway, I need to improve on the tortilla rest everything worked damn well. Here are a couple of pics.

Rice for the Burritos

Apple cake, fudge and Ice Cream

Substitute for Mini Pizza

Nachos, Sour Cream and Salsa

The menu card on the fridge 😀 [Missed mentioning Pizza 😦 ]

All tried and tested recipes coming up soon.


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