Dominos 5 Pepper Pizza – Review

Well this one is pepper overload [In a good way if you love peppers like I do].

The website reads this:

“Dominos introduces “5 Peppers” an exotic new Pizza. Topped with Red Bell pepper , Yellow bell pepper, Capsicum, Red paprika, Jalapeno & Sprinked with Exotic Herb”

I doubt the secret herb but there was something tantalizing about the taste. I normally always order the thin crust pizza and the day before, when I ordered, was no exception.

Key facts about the pizza:

  • Mild Jalapeno flavor.
  • Slightly burnt/smoked flavor of the more delicate red and yellow peppers.
  • paprika noticeably missing
  • Beautiful base sauce.
  • Perfect qty of cheese, does not take away the peppery-ness that is expected out of the pizza.
  • Might not look too inviting but certainly deserves a try once. [When it is delivered it certainly does not match the picture on the pamphlet/on the website] Apologies for not clicking a pic of the pizza I got šŸ˜¦

Pepper fans – you shall love it. Period šŸ™‚



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