Daring Bakers: Chocolate-Coconut icebox crackers

Another very quick and flavorful one from me wen to the July event at The Daring Kitchen.

Icebox is a method of rolling up the dough of the cracker in a cling film and placing it in the fridge to chill for 4 hours or preferably overnight.

DH is very fond of Bounty aka the coconut center chocolate covered candy bar. I thought of taking the same ingredients and turning it into a cracker.

You shall need:

1 cup… All Purpose Flour

2 tbsp..butter

1.5 Tbsp… Cocoa powder

1/2 cup.. Light brown sugar

1/2 tsp.. Vanilla essence

a pinch of salt

1/4 tsp… Baking powder

a pinch of instant coffee in about 3 tbsp warm water

3 tbsp…milk

1/3 cup… grated coconut [I used the dry coconut and grated it at home…the benefit of doing that is it has a wonderful oil in it too which adds to the coconut-y flavor]


  • Mix the baking powder in the flour thoroughly.
  • Add other ingredients and make a dough [it should not be a sticky one…add milk one tbsp at a time and add only the amount needed]
  • Drop the mix in a cling film and roll it to form a sausage.
  • Freeze it for a couple of hours/overnight.
  • Cut thin slices out of it and bake on a parchment covered tray for 12-15 min.
  • Let them cool and store in an airtight container.

Serving suggestions:

Sandwich ice cream between them.
Goes to:

Bake fest brain child of Vardhini hosted by The pumpkin farm


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