Making curd at home

Well you may call me lazy or ignorant but this was one thing that I was mortally afraid of. I like curd but the pati LOVES it. We were happy with the curd we were getting from the shops but something turned me around. It was the ceramic curd cups my father’s sister sent to me. I wanted to use them hence the bright idea of making curd at home took shape.

They are pretty easy to carry to work too. I wrap them in cling and we make sure that they dont tilt.

You shall need: [Makes about 4 tea cups]

500 gms…Luke warm milk [Full cream preferably]– you may choose the leave the cream/malai in the milk.

1.5 Tbsp… Curd [This shall cause the milk to curdle]


  • Pour the milk to a bowl and add the curd.

  • Using a glass, transfer the milk and curd mixture to the glass and back to the bowl. This shall help the milk froth a bit and also help to mix the curd.
  • Pour them in the individual cups or in the bowl where you want the curd to set.
  • Cover it with a plate and wrap the bowl in a cloth.
  • Put it in a warm-ish place to set.

  • In 4-5 hrs [depending on the warmth it gets] the curd shall be set. [I put it in the oven before leaving to work and by the time I came back, it was done]



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