Tomato and Carrot Clear Soup

Ever got stuck in a situation where all you have in the kitchen is a little of this vegetable and a little of that? Happens more than often with me.

If one weekend goes by without subzi shopping, I am stranded with left overs, lentils and random vegetables.

Anyway, pati loves clear soup and I tolerate it somehow šŸ™‚ [I am a thick soup fan]

I read about the clear tomato recipe some where sometime back and it stuck with me. The broth looked beautiful and I was sure it shall be divine as well. To be very frank I was not disappointed at all.

All this soup needed was 6 things:

4…Medium Size Tomatoes [chopped]

2… Carrots [Peeled and diced]

1 Tbsp… Butter



1/2 tsp… Sugar


  • In a pan, add the butter and pan fry carrots a bit.
  • Add about 5 cups of water.
  • Let it come to a boil, add the tomatoes.


  • Cover with a lid and cook on a slow heat for 15 min.
  • Remove the lid after 15 min.
  • Add sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Pass the contents through a muslin cloth.
  • Squeeze all the goodness out of the veggies.


  • You shall be left with glistening orange goodness.
  • Taste and adjust the seasoning.

Serve hot with bread of your choice.
I served it with a Savory muffin.



THis goes to:

Lets cook Starters at Tickling Palates

Let's Cook

A Home maker’s Dairy- Monsoon of India


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