Of the most weird weekend ever

The weekend that ended on 26-Aug-2012 shall always be remembered both dearly and teary-eyed.

Where on one had we met long time friends after years, on the other hand we lost a very dear friend.

N and M is the former couple and P is the latter friend.

N and M are based out of Dubai and were here to meet us after almost a year of their marriage. We sang, talked, cooked and discussed a lot of things. However his almost 30 hour trip to Bangalore shall be remembered always.

However P was on ventilator for almost 3 days now, around 11 am on 26th we got the call we were dreading. P had given up the struggle to survive and was united with her dad. She is survived by a 32 year old husband and a 4 month Old daughter. Life is pretty unfair at times. We cant always plan enough, talk enough or meet enough. However what causes heart breaks is realizing that you shall never meet, hear or see this person again.

May her soul rest in peace. We love you P. ❤


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