Review: Maggi Juicy Specialz- kadhai paneer

Remember that Rahul Khanna and Amrita Puri Advert for the Maggi Juicy Specialz? Here it is.

I did try it out and was not disappointed. In fact the masala is something else. Loved it.

It comes with a gravy pouch, a plastic bag and a band to seal the bag. Priced: INR 50. Well worth it.

All you need is 200 gms paneer, 100 ml water and some chopped capsicum.

The instructions tell me to stash the gravy paste from the pouch, capsicum and paneer in the bag and add the water.
Seal the bag and let it be in the microwave for about 5 min.


  • Smells brillaint
  • Very easy to make
  • Tastes great
  • Makes a lovely accompaniant


  • Cooking in the plastic bag made me a little uncomfortable.
  • The instructions did not tell me at what % of heat do I need to cook it. [Onida microwaves work on heat % ]
  • The capsicum was under done for my taste. I had to cook it for further 4 min after pulling it out of the bag.

Will I try it again: Not in the bag but the masala is definitely to die for.

Things to remember:

  • Always mix the paste with the 100ml water in a bowl before adding to the bag.
  • The bag might look flimsy but holds well.
  • You might tend to drop the bag sealing thingie because it is really tiny but it is one of the most important things.
  • Seal the bag tightly however away from the contents. As far as possible so that the steam created in the bag cooks the paneer.
  • If you are using frozen paneer, thaw it well. 5 min with the curry wont even help the paneer a little.
  • Dont keep the capsicum chunky, it shall not cook well.
  • You might be tempted to add more water but trust me it does not need more than the specified amount.


The paneer was cooked beautifully and tasted very well.

Thank you for dropping by :)

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