Lasagna Rolls

This was my first attempt at handling the rectangle pasta sheet. To my surprise, it is a hit in the friends and family circle.

Here is what you shall need: [Feeds 4]

For the sheets-

8-10… Lasagna Sheets

Water to boil them

1 Tbsp… Oil

For the Filling-

1 can… Baked Beans

1 bunch… Spinach

1/2 cup… Corn

1 cup… Peppers of your choice [Diced]

1 Tsp… Paprika

1… Small onion [ chopped]

2 Tbsp.. Olive oil


1  Tsp.. Pepper

1 Tsp… Chilly Flakes

1 Tbsp.. Oregano

4 Tbsp… Cheddar cheese

For the sauce-

One batch of the Basic Italian Tomato Sauce

This one needs to be slightly thin than the one  we use in Pastas. It should be of a pouring capacity, not one where blobs form when one tries to ladle it.

To assemble:

Oven safe ceremic/bakeware.

2 cup… Mozzarella cheese [grated]


  • For the filling:
    • Heat oil in a pan.
    • Add the onion, let it sweat.
    • Add the baked beans and peppers.
    • Let it cook on medium heat with lid on for 10 min. Stir occasionally.
    • Add the seasonings and spinach.
    • Cover and let the spinach cook for further 3 min.
    • Turn off the gas and add the cheese.
    • The residual heat shall melt the cheese.
    • Let it cool completely till further use.

  • For the Lasagna-
    • Boil water in a pan that can fit the sheets straight.
    • Add oil and the sheets.
    • Boil for roughly 10 min. Check if they are Al-dente.
    • Remove and place separately on trays.

  • To Assemble-
    • In the baking tray, put a layer of the sauce.

    • On a flat surface, put the lasagna sheet and add the filling lengthwise in the middle.

    • Roll is carefully.

    • Place the seam-side down in the baking tray.

    • Repeat the process for all the sheets.
    • Cover the rolled lasagna with some more sauce.

    • Add the cheese and top.

    • Bake in a pre heated 180C oven for 20 min.
    • Serve with love.

Apologies for not being able to take pic of this after it was baked 😦 my guests were too impatient to wait for a pic 🙂

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