Gujarati Thali at home

Well this might seem like a HUGE task, but trust me it took me 4 hours to fix all of the said things below. I started at 8 am and could serve Lunch at Noon.

Here is how the Thali was arranged. I got these thali as a part of my dahej from my mom :p She was thrilled that I was getting married in a Gujju home.

Lets start from the Steam Rice and go Clock Wise.

Steam Rice

Kurkuri Bhindi [Crispy Okra]

Bataka Tameta Nu Shaak [Potato-Tomato Curry]

Tindora Nu Shaak [Ivy Gourd Stir Fry]

Gujarati Dal [Sweet-Sour Lentils]

Gujarati Kadhi [Sweet and sour Curd gravy]

Kakadi nu Raita [Cucumber Raita]

Poori [Fluffy wheat bread]

Chapati [Wheat flat bread]


Dungri na Gota

Sukhadi [Whole wheat Flour and Jaggery sweet]

Chaas [Buttermilk]

Posts on how these were made coming up. ๐Ÿ™‚


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