Vegetarian Burger – under 30 min

Yes you read it right, it is possible. I made this joyous wonder last Sunday even after being terribly tired after being to 2 exhibitions.

I served it with a Spicy Ginger-Basil and carrot Soup.

The trick to make it really quick is to boil the vegetables you wish to use. I used peas and potatoes.

You shall need: [Makes 4 burger patties]

1 …. Large potato [Peel, wash and cut in small pieces]

1/2 cup… Peas



2…Bread slices

1/2 Tbsp… Chilly flakes

Bread crumbs to coat the pattie

few tbsp milk to coat the pattie

Oil to stir fry

For the pepper-lettuce coleslaw-

1/4 bell  pepper of each color, cut length wise in thin strips [I used green, yellow and red]

1/4 of the lettuce  or roughly 3-4 leaves of the iceberg lettuce [cut in thin strips]

2 Tbsp… Thick curd or use mayonnaise

salt and pepper


  • Put the potatoes and peas in a pressure cooker and cook upto 3 whistles.
  • Once done, drain the water.
  • Soak the break in some water briefly and press them to take out excess water.
  • Add the bread and seasonings to the potato-peas mix.
  • Mix well. Adjust the salt if needed. I added few drops of hot sauce to make it more fiery. [Optional]
  • Put the mixture in the freezer for 5 min.
  • While the patties were chilling, mix the ingredients for the coleslaw and keep aside.
  • Take the potato mix out and Make 4 patties out of it.
  • Coat it in milk first then put bread crumbs on it.
  • In a shallow pan, pour some oil and place the patties on it to crisp up.
  • Once they are nice brown and crispy, take them out.
  • On a griddle, place the burger buns and toast them a bit.
  • Keep all this ready to assemble.
  • Put some coleslaw on the base burger and put the pattie. Alternate between pattie and coleslaw.
    [ I used 2 pattie per burger]
  • Serve with soup/fries.


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