Spicy Ginger-Basil and carrot Soup

Another no brainer soup at the end of a long tiring day.

I served this one with a cheat’s burger 😀 And the pati slurped his share and mine too.

You shall need:
[Makes roughly 2.5 cups]

4-5 … Carrots [Peeled, washed and diced]

2… Medium size tomatoes [cut in chunks]

1… small onion [Cut finely]

15-20… basil leaves

1 inch… Ginger [grated]

Salt [to taste]

pepper [to taste]

tobasco [to taste]

A dollop of butter

few drops of olive oil

3-1/2 cup boiling water


  • In a pressure cooker, add few drops of olive oil and add the carrot and onion.
  • Let them brown the onion sweat.
  • Add the tomatoes and ginger and cook until tomatoes are slightly soft.
  • Add boiling water.
  • Let the water water simmer with the veggies for a while.
  • Pressure cook upto 4 whistles.
  • Once the steam escapes, open the put the soup on a medium flame to simmer.
  • Use a hand blender to pulse the veggies in the soup.
  • Add the butter dollop and seasonings to taste.
  • The soup needs to reduce to about 3/4th.
  • Strain through a muslin cloth.
  • Put it the soup on the gas again. Add the basil leaf chunks and bring to boil once.
  • Remove them before serving.
  • Serve with bread/burger of your choice.


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