The Simple wedding from home Menu

Day 1: Thursday [The Bride Arrives]

Breakfast- Sprouts on toast with Tea

Lunch- Aalu Gobhi Matar, fulka and Salad

Dinner- [Bride’s kith n kin arrive] Baigan ka bharta with peas, Dal Tadka and fulka.

Day 2: Friday [Shop, parlor and Groom’s dinner]

Breakfast- Aalu Paratha with Tea

Lunch- Chips at the mall 😛

Dinner-  home made pizza, 3 packed curry and Paneer matar from home with Laccha paratha and Fulkas AND the chocolate orange cake :*

Day 3: Saturday [Day of the wedding]

Breakfast- DH made dosas for all ❤

Lunch- BBQ Nation

Dinner- Aalu Gobhi – Punjabi Style and Gujju Style and fulka

Day 4: Sunday [Pag phera]

Breakfast- Gobhi ka paratha

Lunch- Aalu matar gravy, moong sabut dal and fulka. Sweet dish- Ghevar

Dinner- Pizza for pati n me.

Phew…all paid off well as everyone appreciate it and my darling bride was gleaming with joy after the wedding :*

I wish S and T a very very beautiful married life ahead.

Ooooh I forgot to mention I got Dorie Greenspan book as Birthday gift from the 2 now-married-clowns (Hugs) I know u are reading :*



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