Virtual Birthday Party event- Roundup

Thank you guys for making my birthday a memorable one 🙂

DH and I finally selected the winners from the following entries:

Egg-less chocolate chips cupacake, Obbattu, Badam Ka halwa, kondakadalai curry, Stuff it up.. Egg Plant, Mughlai Kofta Briyani, Amritsari Kulcha, Besan Ke Laddoo, Chips @ Home, coconut and corn salad, Gingersnap cookies, Home made peanut butter , 7 taste uthappam, Eggless vanilla cake with chocolate frostings, Choco cake – pressure cooker bakedBajre ki roti and Besan masala roti, Pineapple Joy, Kung Pao Tofu, Gobhi Ke Paranthe, Orange and Mint Water, Garlic Buns, Chop chop Chapati, Carrot Mousse, Vanilla cake with butter frosting, Totoro Cream Puffs, Orange Colada, Veg Extravaganza Pizza, kadalaiparuppu payasam, non oven cookies, mango kesari, Mango Burfee, Beetroot Halwa, Fish Biryani, Biscotti, Vanilla Cuppie Cakes with Butterscotch and Choco Chips

And the winners are:   Gobhi Paratha From Sheelu of Cook Cook and cook Orange Mint water from Preeti’s Kitchen Mango Kesri from Sara’s Taste Bud’s Vanilla Cuppie cakes with butterscotch from Nan’s yum yum Totoro Cream Puff’s from Sweet n Savoury Homemade Peanut butter from Spicy Foood

Congratulations guys. Mail shall follow you soon to ask for your addresses.


8 thoughts on “Virtual Birthday Party event- Roundup

  1. Welcome guys 🙂 Most of the gift’s are on their way to the rightful receivers. However I am still waiting for Princy to get back to me with her address

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