BM#21 – Day 2 – Carrot Open face sandwich

Since I am on the Group 2 for BM#21, I have taken up sandwiches and wraps. My first post on the same is here.

I have made an open sandwich for Day 2. An open sandwich is a single slice of bread that has one or more food items on top of it. ~ Wikipedia

The idea struck me because I got this really lovely Baguette from Oh the beautiful lengthy, crispy crust bread was very hard to resist.

You shall need: [Makes 4 that shall feed 2]

For the pate-

2… Medium Size carrots [Finely shredded and squeeze the water out]

1… Medium size boiled potato [Peeled and mashed]

Salt and pepper

Oil to shallow fry

For  the bread-

1 tbsp.. Olive oil

1… clove of garlic

Few sprigs of dried rosemary [crushed]

1/8th tsp… Salt

To assemble-

2-3.. Lettuce Leaves [Washed and pat dry]



  • To make the pate, mix carrot, salt, pepper and potato.
  • In a pan, pour some oil and let it heat.
  • Make longish pate out of the carrot mixture.
  • Put it in the pan and let it cook and get browned.

  • Once done, keep aside.
  • In a small bowl, mix salt, olive oil and rosemary.
  • Rub the garlic clove on a slice of baguette/bread of your choice. [In case you are using a normal milk/brown bread you might have to make a paste of the garlic and pub a little on it. Or you may mix it with the bread dressing and apply]
  • Brush oil on both sides of the bread and put it on the griddle to slightly brown.
  • Once done, put lettuce leaf on it and the pate.
  • I put a few drops of tobasco for my taste buds. It is optional 🙂

Hope you like this one.

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