Beyond the URL – Sheelu Agarwal

Oh she is my pet ❤ I met this wacky, crazy-for-crax, full of life girl after I got engaged to the pati, i.e. around April-may 2011. She was DH’s ex-roommate’s  wife. Phew it sounds kinda formal now 🙂

We are in love with whatever that comes out of her kitchen. The most note worthy things have been the kadhi chawal, mah ki dal, chole *slurrrppp*

Saurabh and Sheelu have just moved in to their own beautiful house/villa which is our vacation house. Once we plan to go to their place, we make sure we stay the night and come back only the next day. She blogs here and is an IT Manager.

Read more on her:

  • Who is the person behind the blog? Tell us something about yourself.

The person behind the blog… Sheelu Agarwal, now I don’t know how to put this… I am a software engineer, who used to love her work… but lately is out of work… 🙂 [She just joined an org.]

I am very patient… this my husband says is the best quality in me… so even if I have to make a dish that needs cooking for 1 hour.. I end up spending even more time on it.. But just want it to be perfect… 🙂

I am not a foodie but I love to cook… but thankfully my husband is a big time foodie and so are my friends… 🙂

  • Take us through your blog journey.

This blog started just like that… My brother in law was at our place and was making me go through his blog where he had completed around 97 posts and was like once 100 are done I need to publish an ebook and stuff…

I liked the thought and so started with my first post of Sooji Ka Halwa… My husband was like you should first post things you are best at… So came the name Ghar Ka Khana… 🙂

Then it was just, whatever I was making in the kitchen daily started appearing as a post on the blog… And of course thanks to you, Pallavi, for being there and guiding me throughout and also promoting my blog… 🙂

  • Share the most proud moment as a blogger.

My first award… 🙂 One lovely Blog award… That is till date my proudest moment… It was not at all expected… People have shown lots of love to me in just a little time…J and I cannot really say much thanks to all…

  • What are your tips to keep a blog worthy of it’s followers?

I try to put in my real experiences with every dish… and how that dish actually made me its proud chef… I think the daily things that we do in the kitchen even the smallest tip or trick might be helpful to someone… So anything I pen down should be blog worthy…

  • What are your other interests that keep you sane?

Music… I love it… I can listen to it at any time of the day any place… it is always soothing…

Books… I just cannot live without one… I always have one on me…J they say, Books are your best friends…

  • What kind of food the family appreciates? Does it affect the content on the blog?

We being a nuclear family, just me and my husband… so it is quite easy to prepare and experiment almost anything… But I mostly cook Indian dishes… Trying to explore some other cuisines lately… Let’s see how they come out…

The other people who are regulars at my home, are the friends… who are not at all fussy about the food and they eat anything… 🙂

  • How do you promote your blog?

Not come up to that yet… I try to participate in the ongoing events to the max…

  • List out your top 5 favourite blogs that you love to follow [Should include 2 Indian Bloggers]

Now this can be tricky…

  • Do you sometimes feel that you will not be able to blog after “X” Years/months? If yes, how do you deal with it?

I don’t know, never thought about that… I think I will keep blogging till I have something new to cook…

  • Final Question on personal effects:

Favourite cuisine- Chinese

TV Show- I prefer watching movies

Book- Many to name… Hobbit maybe, or Atlas Shurgged…

Beverage- Tea

Resturant- Sahib Sindh Sultan

Birthday- 5th May

Film- Serendipity

Music genre- Old Movie songs

Gadget- Grinder in my kitchen… will soon be a food processor…

My purse must have- Comb

One habit I am proud of- Washing everything (maybe multiple times) before cooking

Thanks for the lovely replies Sheelu.

Much Love


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