Cake pops

A simple equation shall tell you what a cake pop is:

Cake/cupcake/muffin crumbs + Frosting of your choice = Cake pops [Just add the pop rolling and decoration on your choice and voila]

I made this joyous wonder because few of my Pumpkin cup cakes turned out to be very brittle. How can we lose all the flavor? So I decided to make these and send it off to the pati’s office 🙂

Here is what you need:

2 cup…Cake crumbs

2 tbsp… Nutella

Frosting and sprinkles of your choice



  • Put all the crumbs in a bowl and add nutella to it.

  • Mix well.
  • Make small balls out of it.
  • Frost them with your choice of frosting [I used Nutella and White Butter cream]
  • Add sprinkles and tooth pick.

Devour 🙂

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