Bateta Dungri Poha

Sending this yummm delight to Mission Street food 🙂

Mission Street food

Mission Street Food

Thou Shalt Cook!!

Well North-South-East-West all corners of India love their version of flattened rice aka poha. It is almost a way of life for western India.

I bring to you a Gujarati Version of this beautiful rice form. Dont be scared it uses a lot of oil. The more the oil the more soft and luscious it is.

It is lovely mix of 3 spices, sugar, green chillies, onion, potato and of course Poha.

You shall need: [Feeds 2… one gujju-one non gujju] 😛 Trust me Gujju’s dont compromise with the poha quantity.

1.5 cup… Flattened rice [There are essentially 3 kinds of Poha available in the market. 1. Thinnest of them all- it is used for chivda/fried snack. 2. Medium size- This is the one Gujju’s use to make poha. 3. Fattest one- This is essentially used in Southern part of India as Avalakki]

5-6 tbsp… Milk

1… Medium Size Onion[Finely…

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