Spring Rolls

Sending this yummm delight to Mission Street food 🙂

Mission Street food

Mission Street Food

Thou Shalt Cook!!

I am very lucky to land on the 99th post with this very special post. I cant thank Radhika enough for letting me be a part of this Blog Hop team. There are some really talented people out there who are more then willing to help, teach and suggest.

For this week aka Week 20 I was paired with Princy of Spicy Foood Fame. What a fantastic and informative blog she has.

Not only that when I mailed her regarding the recipe she was more than willing to share her experience and help me out. it was indeed very kind of her.

Coming to the recipe, I made these for a Friendship’s Day High Tea at my place. I served it along with Mushroom cheese toast, Pizza, Cold coffee/tea and a Devil’s cake.

The Spring rolls went off in no time. Everyone loved it.

I did make a few changes…

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