Paneer Paratha

When in doubt “What to make” make a paratha. There are just so many options available for a filling for a paratha that the list can go on and on. I use most of the left overs in parathas too. From dal to curry to achaar masala. It all goes to make this rich goodness.

Paneer paratha is a north Indian fav. The trick with paratha is to have a LOT of filling and yet thin paratha. You must know how to fill it properly else you shall land up with scattered filling and more dough.

To learn how to stuff a paratha, read this.

To make paneer paratha, you shall need: [Feeds 3-4]

200 gms… paneer [Grated]

Wheat dough kneaded slightly stiffer than chapati dough

1/2 tsp… Red Chilly powder

Green chillies [optional]

1/2 tsp… Chaat masala

salt to taste

Corriander [Optional]

1/4 tsp… Ajwain/carom seeds

a pinch of turmeric

Ghee for frying the paratha


  • Mix the salt, red chilly, chaat masala, green chilly, corriander, carom seeds and turmeric to the paneer.
  • Mix well. Taste and adjust the seasoning.

  • Take a ping pong size wheat dough ball and add about 1.5 tbsp of filling to it.
  • Close it properly like here.
  • Roll as thin as possible.
  • On a heated griddle, put the paratha and fry well with ghee.
  • Serve with butter, dahi and achaar.


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9 thoughts on “Paneer Paratha

  1. Hi Pallavi, Just wandering through you rBlog.. and found some great recipes, whichj reminded of my childhood.. Very neat appearance and clean pictures, you really do have a great blog 🙂

    Thanks fo rlinking this to the event 🙂

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