Sabudana Vada

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I love sabudana/sago but we are not good to each other. We dont really treat each other well. I just could never get to soaking it properly neither the sago tried to behave well with me. Most of the times I have landed up with pasty sago or clumpy khichdi 😦

However this time I took NO chance. I asked friends on twitter, in real life, on blogs, on mails and since all said the same thing, I went ahead and soaked Sago in just enough water for about 3 hrs.

And tadaaa…..I had white pearls to use ❤

For the vada you shall need: [Makes about 12-15, depending on the size]

2… medium boiled and mashed potatoes

3/4 cup… Soaked and drained sago/sabudana

1/2 tsp… Sendha namak

1/4 cup… Roasted and crushed peanuts

1… finely chopped green chilly

A pinch of pepper


Oil to fry


  • Mix the sabudana, peanuts, salt, pepper, chillies and corriander.
  • Heat oil in a wok to prepare for frying
  • Make shapes from the mixture as you like it.
  • Fry it until light golden.
  • Serve warm

This goes to:

Mission Street food

Mission Street Food

11 thoughts on “Sabudana Vada

  1. Let’s not mention the times when we have had our disagreements with sago, cos I will end up spending a lot of time on that. I will also try the three hours soaking time and see whether it turns out fine for me.
    The vadas look really nice, btw.

  2. Super crispy beauties, sago i get here are seriously not prefect to make this kind of fritters, wish i get these tempting vadas for my evening snack,feel like munching some.

  3. 🙂 sago behaves randomly with me too… hona hi hai .. apan dono same same jo hai … but i have never tried making sabudana vada re… uff i giving me all kinds of complexes possible.. 😦

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