Bharwaan Baigan

This recipe comes from mommy dearest 🙂 Well I did make a few tweaks here and there to escape the hard work that goes in. But that works for me.

You shall need: [feeds 2]

6… Small brinjals

1… Large onion [Grated or very finely chopped]

1 tsp… Seasme

1 tsp… jeera

1 tsp… poppy seeds/khus khus

2 tbsp… Oil/mustard oil

2 tsp… Tomato puree


1/2 tsp… turmeric powder

Red chilly powder

1 tbsp… Dhaniya powder


  • In a pan, heat oil and add jeera and onions.
  • Cook until onions are pale brown in color.
  • Add the tomoto puree.
  • Now add the dry spices, turmeric, red chilly powder, dhaniya powder and salt.
  • Put a few tbsp of water to help masalas cook well.
  • Once done, cool the mixture.
  • Make 4 slits in the brinjals and stuff the mixture.
  • If possible, save some so that we can cook the brinjals in that masala.
  • In the same masala pan. add 1 tbsp oil, sesame, khus khus and the remaining masala. Lower the heat to the lowest possible level.
  • Add the stuffed brinjals.
  • Add about 4-5 tbsp water and swirl the brinjals around.
  • Cover with a lid and cook until tender.
  • You might need to add water if they are not cook through and cook until done.
  • Serve with love.


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