Cheese Pav-Bhaji

After making the 20 min Pav bhaji, I decided to make the labor intensive version of this most loved street food and up the ante by adding some cheese.

You shall need: [Feeds 2]

2… medium size potatoes

1/2 cup… peas

3-4 Cauliflower florets

1… medium size carrot

1… Large onion [finely chopped]

2… medium size tomatoes [Finely chopped]

1… green chilly [Finely chopped]

2 tbsp… Oil

1/2 tbsp… Jeera

1 tbsp… Pav bhaji masala [More if you want]


1/2 tsp… Red chilly powder

1/2 tsp… Turmeric powder

1 tbsp… dhaniya powder

Juice of 1 lemon

Butter blobs

Some lemon wedges

chopped onion

grated cheese [ I used processed cheese]


  • Cut and wash the potatoes, peas, cauliflower and carrots. Cut them in almost equal pieces so that they boil well.
  • Now put them in a cooker and add just enough water that covers them. Dont add too much water.

  • Put them on a gas on a high flame and let the cooker sound 3 whistles.
  • Let the steam escape. Keep the cooker aside.

  • In the meantime, in a wok, heat oil.
  • Add the jeers and green chilly.
  • Now add the chopped onions.
  • Let them turn translucent.
  • Add tomatoes.
  • Cook them until they are mashed well.
  • Add the salt, turmeric, red chilly powder, pac bhaji masala and dhaniya powder.
  • Cook until the fat comes on the top of the masala.
  • To this, add the boiled and slightly mashed vegetables. [Make sure the veggies are not overly watered. If that is the case, take out some water and reserve for use.]
  • Now cover this with a lid and let it cook away for good 15 min on medium heat.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • Using a masher, mash the mix well.
  • Remove the lid and taste the bhaji to adjust the seasoning.
  • Let the excess water from the bhaji escape.
  • Take a blob of butter and drop it in the bhaji. Mix it well. Add lemon juice too.
  • To serve, put some bhaji in the serving dish. Add cheese on it.
  • Serve with lemon wedges, onion and buttered pav’s.


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