Bhaji Dosa

2 things are always available in my fridge. Left overs and ID Dosa Batter.

I have tried a lot of variations with this batter. Like noodles set dosa, lemon rice utthapam, friend rice uthappam. I am sure you got the hang of the crazy combinations 🙂

And did I ever mention here that the pati makes the bestest dosa ever. Thin and crisp. Lip smacking stuff.

Today Bangalore weather is stunning. It is pouring and is chilly.

What can be better than pati in the kitchen making bhaji dosa 🙂

Remember the pav bhaji recipe I posted the other day, that we spread on the dosa and voila.

You shall need:

Dosa Batter

2 tbsp bhaji for each dosa



  • Spread the batter on the griddle like you would for dosa.
  • Apply ghee/oil.
  • Flip it and let the top side cook.
  • Flip it again and spread bhaji on it while the gas is turned to low.

  • Fold the sides and serve warm with a cup of nice hot ginger tea.

It did not taste anything less than what we get on the 99 dosa counters across the city 🙂


Goes to:

Favorite Recipes Event: Vegetarian Recipes.

Hubby’s delight

Mission Street food

Mission Street Food

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