Beyond the URL – Amrita and Vishal

Okay time for the 3rd edition I got hold of Amrita-Vishal from Sweet n Savory and made her write the replies. 🙂 I came across her through an event on my blog. [This is a special post as it is the 200th 🙂 ]

She is creative, beautiful and has a huge heart. She and her Husband, Vishal, have come up with the excellent blog hence this time on it is one plus one blogger free 😀 They love their daughter Vaanya to bits and I am sure they are excellent parents.

Here is their first post of the blog, it has many insights to offer.

Read on more about the couple who cooks together 🙂

1. Who is the person behind the blog? tell us something about yourself.

 The Sweet ‘n’ Savoury Blog was started by Amrita & Vishal, a husband wife duo, toshare our culinary ideas, experiments and recipes. Vishal is mainly into savoury dishes and Amrita is passionate towards baking and desserts, though not restricting ourselves entirely in it. Vishal is working for a very reputed Tea Growing and Processing Company while Amrita, a physiotherapist by profession, has left her hospital job to enjoy being a full time mother for the most beautiful daughter, Vaanya.

2. Take us through your blog journey

Our blog was started to connect our respective food crazy family to a common platform where we could learn, teach and share our food and recipes. We love to learn and experiment and thus strive to make dishes that are not only simple to make but exotic in flavours. Our blog is almost like a journal into the culinary world where we make notes and try and improve on techniques and flavours.

Our blog has grown from there to sharing and knowing other amazing bloggers and foodies who share the same passion and enthusiasm. Together it has made the blog more diversified and the food experience has grown substantially, taking our interest to another level. It is an overwhelming experience to share, appreciate and to be appreciated by amazing bloggers who are becoming friends as well.

3. Share the most proud moment as a blogger.

The proudest moment was to win two amazing books, The Muffin Bible and Cooking with sprouts, in blog events hosted by Pallavi of Cook-Eat-Burrrp. And anytime someone tries your recipe and gives you thumbs up for sharing it, is a winning moment.

4. What are your tips to keep a blog worthy of it’s followers?

Simple achievable recipes with locally found products is the key to attract a reader into reading your blog. Nobody wants exotic looking dishes which looks impossible to replicate in a home kitchen. Simple illustrations with realistic pictures makes you believe in the recipe. We also do not like an over accessorized blog with ads and unnecessary stuff. A simple clean looking blog which has its focus on sharing our experience of the recipe is what we strive for.

5. What are your other interests that keep you sane

Vishal is a musician who loves to strum his guitar and sing country songs. He is also a lot into reading.

Amrita shares the passion of music and loves to sing as well. Apart from singing, she loves needlework of all sorts especially crochet and tatting.

6. What kind of food the family appreciates? Does it affect the content on the blog?

As a family we are very versatile and love all kinds of food both in vegetarian and nonvegetarian. It does not affect the content at all as we share what we cook and eat at home.

7. How do you promote your blog?

By taking part in various food blog events and sharing our blog recipes on our page in Facebook-Sweet’n’Savoury

8. List out your top 5 favourite blogs that you love to follow [Should include 2 Indian Bloggers]

1. Cakes and more

2. A Homemaker’s Diary

3. King Arthurs Flour Baking Banter

4. Easycooking

5. Simple baking

9. Do you sometimes feel that you will not be able to blog after “X” Years/months? If yes, how do you deal with it

Never felt as such till date. Just that sometime our respective schedule becomes so tight that it becomes a little difficult to dedicate time to the blog. But it’s a true saying that ‘where there is a will, there will always be a way’. Furthermore, it’s the passion and the interest that drives more than anything else. Therefore blogging on food is more of a relaxation and a hobby than a task.

10. Final Question on personal effects:

Favourite cuisine-

Vishal- Continental and Chinese


TV Show-

Vishal-Masterchef Australia and Sports

Amrita-Masterchef Australia


Vishal- ‘Today Matters’- John Maxwell

Amrita-Kite Runner


Vishal- Tea

Amrita- Cold coffee


Vishal- One Step Up

Amrita- Mainland China


Vishal- 27 july 1981

Amrita 1 may 1979


Vishal- Gladiator

Amrita- Serendipity

Music genre-

Vishal- Country. Instrumental and Soft Rock

Amrita-Anything as long as it is melodious


Vishal- Global Positioning System

Amrita- laptop

My purse must have-

Vishal- Money and ids.

Amrita- Money and lots of unwanted stuff!!

One habit I am proud of-

Vishal- Planning my day aheadeveryday.


It was lovely to read about you guys and get to know more 🙂



One thought on “Beyond the URL – Amrita and Vishal

  1. Hey Pallavi, thanks a ton for introducing us in such lovely words. I am so glad we finally made it for Beyond URL . Such a pleasure to be in your lovely space and know other fellow bloggers. I hope your turn is soon!!:):)

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