I really never knew making rasgullas shall be so rewarding. I made this for BM#22 and had a blast.

Page 102 of Pressure cooking by Nita Mehta gave me the chance to try my hands on this.

You shall need: [Makes 10-12]

1 L…. Full cream milk

1.5-2 tbsp… Vinegar

1 cup… Sugar

3 cup… water

2… green cardamoms


  • Boil the milk and switch off the gas.
  • Add the vinegar and let the milk curdle.
  • Pour the chhena on a cheesecloth/muslin cloth and leave to dry for atleast 2 hours.

  • Blend in a mixer without water until smooth and uniform.

  • Put water, sugar and cardamom in the cooker and let it boil.

  • Make small balls of the chhena mixture and drop in the sugar syrup.

  • Pressure cook for 1 whistle.
  • Remove from fire and let it cool. Serve

Things I learnt:

Mine were flat discs and not plump, so for the next time I shall pressure cook them in lots of sugar water. As they really swell up and need water to stay round. Else they are a hit in the family.

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11 thoughts on “Rasgullas

  1. Hey Pallavi this was one of the recipes on my wishlist for this BM, i have tried this pressure cooker version couple of times as well….urs look good if u have made them for the first time as mine was huge disaster, but then it clicked during subsequent attempts….only change i did , and wud recommend u to try is…using cow’s milk (low fat) as it tends to hold shape better

  2. I have tried this method once and it came out nice. I was planning to post this under ‘Bengal’ recipes, but couldn’t do it. Anyway, your post is making me want to go back in the kitchen and make some now 🙂 . They look fabulous, esp the picture of chana before being pressure cooked.

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