28 things I wish I had learnt sooner

While sitting on the pati’s rocking chair today and “trying” to work, it occurred to me that I have ignored a lot of things along the years.

I turned 28 in 2012 hence 28 things I wish I had learnt sooner came to picture.

  1. Money today gone tomorrow if very apt. Learn from it.
  2. They way you treat others should be inversely proportional to the respect they usually get. It shall stun them.
  3. Grudges are like leaving a bullet in the scar for too long.
  4. Passion keeps love for life alive. Nothing else.
  5. It is not shameful to not be the star at school/college. It is the not-acknowledged one that steal your thunder later in life. Its a circle.
  6. Unless you tell people what you think, they will assume that you are okay with them dealing with things for you.
  7. Recognize that hours, days, years will never matter when good friends meet. It takes flash of time for them to catch up on things in life.
  8. Be brave and stand up for yourself even if it is against your parents.
  9. Be patient with relationships.
  10. Once you treat someone the way they should not have been treated, listen to your instinct and mend it.
  11. Criticizing people is sometimes the best way to let go of the negatives that you pile up.
  12. Shape of your body is they way you look at yourself. Let it never be how others feel about you.
  13. Getting in and out of relationships never defines who you are or can be. It is the relationship that lets you be who you are and keep you the way you are, are worth the effort.
  14. Credit cards are friends if you can manage them else they are killing machines.
  15. Being harsh on yourself makes you a better person.
  16. When someone tells you good about yourself, believe them. They wont be so generous all the time.
  17. Doing what you are supposed to do might not be what you love to do. Recognize it.
  18. Gender Bias is not a tale of bygone days.
  19. Women have sharper instincts. Listen to them when they have something important to tell you.
  20. Do a quick SWOT analysis in your head before making a strong suggestion. You would not want to chew your own words now, would you?
  21. People always things that you do for them, even if they dont acknowledge them. Dont even give up on this habit.
  22. Believers are the best people to hang out with.
  23. Each journey you embark on has a special significance. Cherish it.
  24. Sometimes even round holes accommodate square pegs.
  25. Pay it back to the people who have invested their blood and sweat in your life.
  26. Acknowledge the achievements of people dear to you.
  27. Losing a hobby to get a new one is not a crime.
  28. Think on all these more often 🙂


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