Refried Beans

This is a typical Mexican accompaniment to a taco, nachos or burritos etc.


You shall need:

1 cup… Rajma [Soak for 8 hours or over night]

2… Onions [1 quartered and 1 chopped finely]

1… Tomato [Quartered]



Red Chilly Powder

2 tbsp….Oil


  • Boil the rajma with 1.5 cup water.
  • Add some salt, quartered onion and tomato.
  • Cook upto 3 whistles on high flame and then for 15-20 min on low flame.
  • Once the steam drops, open the cooker and mash the beans using the fork.
  • In a pan heat 2 tbsp oil, saute onions, red chilly powder.
  • Add the mashed beans and mix well.
  • Taste the beans and adjust the seasoning.
  • It keeps well in the fridge for upto 3-4 weeks.

refriend beansCheers,


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