Beyond the URL – Divya Pramil

Divya is a passionate cook who blogs here. She is a God Fearing person who is very down to earth. I came to know more about her through the SNC event.

Read on more about her here 🙂

  • Who is the person behind the blog? Tell us something about yourself.

Hi all, am Divya Pramil the one behind You Too Can Cook, Completed B.Tech and MBA and Worked as a HR before marriage, quit my job and got married to my love and currently a blog addict. I have a passion for cooking and dancing. My cooking journey started in my school days itself and my recipes where popular from then. I still remember the day when my aunt asked me for my chicken 65 recipe after tasting it and this proudest moment happened was when I was doing my 8th standard. I am a pet lover too; my heart just melts when I see a pet, or even a puppy in the roadside. I have had many pets like puppies, kittens, birdies, fishes, squirrels. I feel really great to have petted many puppy breeds like Dachshunds, Labrador, Pomeranian, Terrier, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman, etc, thanks to my elder brother who helped me get these lovelies. I love to be with them, sadly after marriage I don’t own a pet as it is not allowed in the rented home we live nowL. Now my only concentration is on experimenting and cooking various dishes.

Just check out the picture of an abandoned pup I found at the Marina Beach, (Chennai) I couldn’t leave her all alone in such a huge crowd so was having her in my hand for atleast an hour searching for her Mom, luckily we (Me, Hubby & Mom) searched and found her Mom, it was such a happy ending

Sorry for the bad photography we used a mobile to take the pic.


  • Take us through your blog journey.

Blogging was just an accident I must say, I did not have a prior plan about blogging, but I was a good cook. Then one fine day came across blogging and just created my own space, but it was not a recipe blog, it was relationship advice blog and I did have fun doing my posts. But later found that it was not my right niche and decided to move on to my passion, yes finally I started my cooking blog, without much technical knowledge. Yet I had my culinary skills to guide me. I had no one to help me around technically, but still I learnt things everyday and kept myself updating technically.


  • Share the most proud moment as a blogger.

There are a lot of proud moments, and the best is when I receive appreciation mails from readers and subscribers; it really keeps my spirit up. But the most recent proudest moment was when my recipe had won prize money after participating in an event conducted by Asiya Omar.


  • What are your tips to keep a blog worthy of it’s followers?

I try my best to provide all details in my posts and most of all I want it to be easier to understand, a user-friendly explanation always helps. “You are going to help people in cooking a recipe to perfection” this is my only main motive. Also update, update and update is my only mantra!


  • What are your other interests that keep you sane?

As I already mentioned above I love pets a lot, but since it has been impossible for me to own a pet now, I have kept myself busy with other work. I love doing some embroidery work like the aari work. It’s a skill which I learnt from a well trained person. So when I find time I make embroideries for my dresses.


  • What kind of food the family appreciates? Does it affect the content on the blog?

My family appreciates all my authentic recipes. My hubby is not a picky eater and so I don’t find any difficult cooking for him, sometimes he is conscious about fatty food, but still he takes care not to disturb or affect my content.


  • How do you promote your blog?

I use some social networking sites and submit my recipes to all possible food sites and am still learning some ways to promote my blog.


  • List out your top 5 favourite blogs that you love to follow [Should include 2 Indian Bloggers]

Priya’s Versatile recipes

Jay’s Tasty Appetite

Swasthi’s Indian Healthy Recipes

Julie’s Erivum Puliyum

Petro’s Seaman Mom

And many, many more….. but since u have asked only 5 favorites I have mentioned them.


  • Do you sometimes feel that you will not be able to blog after “X” Years/months? If yes, how do you deal with it?

Have thought of this, but haven’t dealt with it seriously, because my only hope and wish is not to quit blogging.


  • Final Question on personal effects:

Favorite cuisine – Chinese cuisine and Authentic Indian cuisine, or any recipe with chicken.

TV Show – Any Disney Cartoon and Disney Fairy tale movies. I love watching cartoon channels.

Book – I don’t read books much, am not a good (patient) reader, I just turn to the last page read the happy ending and close my book, but love reading comics like tinkle J

Beverage – Smoothies specially mango and badam milkshake

Restaurant– Mainland China

Birthday – July 03

Film – As I said Disney movies are my favorite and my most favorite one that tops my list is, Beauty & The Beast, such a romantic love story..oops tale!!

Music genre – Love Melodies. One of my favorite album is “ABBA” Love their songs!Also, Any Christian melodies, especially the old hymns.

Gadget – My Sony iPod has been my best friend during long journeys. Also my Samsung mobile, I love the cooking apps and other lovely apps, they really give me a hand at times.

My purse must have – My credit card and my mobile of course, can’t leave home without these

One habit I am proud of – Never give up spirit.

I wish you more success in 2013 Divya. You are doing a great job.



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