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Rajani is one of the few food bloggers I know who use wordpress 😛 Well trust me this was the first reason why I got glued to her blog. She blogs here.


Rajani is from Chennai and she thrives on her experimental kitchen. The lab experiments are not only reserved for the Husband and kid, they are very well shared on her blog as well.  She loves to remove redundant steps and make food the easier way. Aaah don’t we all love the sound of that 😉

Read more about her:

  • Who is the person behind the blog? Tell us something about yourself.

Hi! I am Rajani, the face behind the space: My Kitchen Trials.

I am from Trivandrum, Kerala, now settled in Chennai. I have a 6 year old son and my hubby to try my cooking trials on :-). I quit working some 6-7 years back to enjoy parenting and I am now a full time home maker.

  • Take us through your blog journey.

When my son was born, I used to send my friends and family a monthly online album with captions to show how he was doing. At that age, there was something new happening every day. So hubby kept mentioning about starting a blog, to keep track of our lives and of our child’s activities.

I started baking too around the same time. Considering the fact that I am quite lazy, photographic evidence was required to convince everyone (myself included) that I really was baking something. Soon an interest in food photography developed. And slowly I decided to keep the focus of the blog in food, with kid and our life in background.

And I started it on a very mundane morning, almost two years ago.

  • Share the most proud moment as a blogger.

The friends I have made through my blog, make me proud. The fact that people take time out of their lives to visit my space, make me proud.

 I am proud to have made croissants and Povitica from scratch. And the stuffed naan. And a whole lot of other recipes too…..I would never have tried my hand at a lot of recipes if it were not for the blog and the blogging community.

 ‘Beyond the URL’ also makes me proud. I never thought someone would be interested in featuring me or my little space somewhere! Thanks Pallavi for the opportunity.

  • What are your tips to keep a blog worthy of its followers?

Just be yourself and enjoy what you do. That’s all you can do from your side. It’s up to the world whether they want to follow you or not :-)!

  • What are your other interests that keep you sane?

Internet, Cook books, Books, Kid, Friends, Blogging, Walking in the park….Enjoying life and taking every day as it comes is what keeps you sane. I am trying my level best to do that!

  • What kind of food the family appreciates? Does it affect the content on the blog?

My husband likes to try new things, as long as it is tasty. My kid doesn’t like anything, as long as it is food!

Initially, I used to cook exotic items for the blog and feed the family. When the weighing scale started screaming at me, I slowed down and started working the other way around – Cook for the family and then feed the blog! So now, it is mostly everyday normal food that is featured in the blog with something new and exotic thrown in now and then.

Everyone is happy this way 🙂

  • How do you promote your blog?

I participate in some blogging events and in Valli’s Blogging Marathon regularly. Blogging Marathon is a vibrant community of active bloggers and I enjoy being a part of it. At the moment, I don’t do any other promotion of the blog.

  • List out your top 5 favourite blogs that you love to follow [Should include 2 Indian Bloggers]

My Diverse Kitchen

Joy of Baking

Passionate About Baking

Edible Garden

Sites like Food Gawker and Taste Spotting

  • Do you sometimes feel that you will not be able to blog after “X” Years/months? If yes, how do you deal with it?

I started the blog as a one year project. At the end of it, I decided to extend for another year. Now that two years are over, I am thinking of one more year extension.

 What I am trying to say is, I will keep doing this as long as I enjoy it and I am regular with the posts. If it gets boring at some point, I would take it as a hint to move on and let go.

  •  Final Question on personal effects:

 Favourite cuisineSouth Indian, Kerala – specifically 🙂

TV ShowF.R.I.E.N.D.S., Seinfeld (Did I mention that there is no TV at home for the past 6 years? So, these are favourites from the past.)

BookHarry Potter Series, James Herriot’s Books, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Gone With The Wind, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Cookery Books 😉


RestaurantAny place where they serve good food with a smile in the face

BirthdayMarch 18, 1978 (Now, did that scare anyone :)?)

FilmAnything animated, Movie adaptations of my favourite books

Music genreMelodious songs- no language bar, from any timeframe.

GadgetiPad, mainly.

My purse must haveA 500/- rupee note as a backup. And I carry a wallet.

One habit I am proud ofI try to keep the house tidy as far as possible. When the space around you is clutter free, your mind is also clutter free.

Wishing you beautiful time ahead with your experiments and family.



9 thoughts on “Beyond the URL – Rajani

  1. That’s really such a warm post, just as expected of Rajani!..Thanks Pallavi for doing this. I must thank Archana for pointing this to me..:)..I enjoyed reading and know every word relates so much to the sweet person that Rajani is..

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