Methi Ni Bhaji na Bhajiya

Oh I have mentioned this so many times to so many people that I HAD to out this up now. This is a lentil mixture with fenugreek leaves that is steamed, crumbled and served with lots of oil. This can be had warm or cold.

Gujju Food 101

Usually we aka Gujarati bahu’s have the option to use the ready made Kanki Korma loth or a flour made of lentils and rice. For the benefit of the crowd at large, I shall give the full recipe to make this one from scratch.

You shall need: [Feeds 4]

1 Cup… Rice

1/2 Cup… Tuvar Dal

1/4 Cup… Chana Dal

1/4 Cup… Dhuli Urad Dal

1 cup… Methi leaves [Wash and chop]

2… green chillies [finely chopped]

3 tbsp… warm oil

2 tbsp… Jaggrey

1/2 tsp… Ajwain [carom seeds]

1 tbsp… Sesame seeds

2 tbsp… Yogurt

a pinch of Soda bi carb

Salt to taste

Oil for serving


A steamer and a big bowl


  • Soak the rice and lentils over night and grind into a thick paste next morning. Do not all too much water. We need a thick paste.
  • To this mixture, add soda bi carb, sesame seeds, carom seeds, salt, green chilly, warm oil and yogurt.
  • You should be able to make dumplings out of this mixture.
  • If it feels too dry, add a few tbsp of water.
  • Heat the steamer, oil the try in which you are going to steam.
  • Make cylindrical dumplings from the mix and steam for about 12-15 min.
  • When they are done, let them cool a bit and then crumble them using a fork.
  • Serve with a nice helping of oil on it. [Oil helps it get moistened as after steaming, it tends to get dry]
Stir Fried Sprouts, Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya and water melon
Stir Fried Sprouts, Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya and water melon

Hope you enjoy this authentic Gujju dish and relish the beautiful flavor. This was served for breakfast one of the days 🙂
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