Saunth Cooler

Do you have a batch of saunth [that tangy yet sweet goodness] in the fridge? I certainly have a BIG batch in mine. For the yummy saunth recipe we shall have to wait for Sheelu to post it. Its her mom’s secret 😀

This cooler takes me to my days as a spinster with Karuna ❤ She taught me this one. I am so proud of her that she is a full time entrepreneur now and is really happy in her craft world 🙂

This post is a part of a month long blogging marathon BM#27.

Week 1- Ocassions

Occasion for Day 3- Free drinks for all 🙂

You shall need: [Makes 2 glasses]

2 tbsp + 2 tbsp… Saunth


Cold water

1 tbsp+1 tbsp …Plain Boondi [or as much as you like]


  • Take a nice big glass.
  • Fill it with ice to make it nice and cold.
  • Remove all the ice except 4-5 cubes.
  • Add some water and the 2 tbsp of saunth in the glass.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Taste to adjust the taste.
  • Put the boondi on top while serving.

Saunth drink



21 thoughts on “Saunth Cooler

  1. Ahit one!..smashing hit!..oh how I love this one…normally I serve this with pani puris another flavor of water! the BM group will love it..they have had this for the 25th BM!!

  2. Free drinks for all?..what sort of occasion is that..heheheh…I actually think to drink this you don’t need an opp right..:)..and those boondi on top makes it even more interesting..

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