Whole Wheat and Fruit salad

Have you ever had whole wheat in a salad? I remember my mom used to boil while wheat and add some sugar in it and give us to munch on after school 🙂 Since I was remembering my mom a lot I decided to make this salad. This one is for you mom.

This recipe is part of the 30 day Blogging Marathon for this month. Check out other participants here in the Blogging Marathon page.

Week- 4

Theme- Crafts/Misc

Dish for Day –Salad

You shall need: [Feeds 3-4]

1 cup… Whole wheat [Washed]

2 cup… Water

1 … Pear [Chopped]

1 cup… Diced water melon

1 tsp.. Chaat masala

1 tsp.. Dried mint

Salt/rock salt to taste

Lemon Juice.


  • Put the wheat and water in a pressure cooker and cook for about 7-8 whistles on a full flame.
  • Once the steam has settled, open the cooker and let the wheat cool down a bit.
  • Add the fruits in a bowl and add the wheat too.
  • Dunk the spices and lemon juice as much as you like.
  • Taste to adjust the seasoning.
  • This salad tasted great both slightly warm and cold.
  • Serve with love

whole wheat salad


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