A-Z blogging

I completed A-Z blogging at my other blog recently. Oh boy it took time and effort but it was all worth it. 🙂 I met a fantastic set of bloggers who are passionate, talented and ready to help.

Here is a recap of my entries:

A for Abandoned Ship

Bulgar wheat and Spinach cutlets

C for Callous Autodrivers

D for Desert

E for Eerie Silence

F for Frenemy

G is for Gratitude

H for Hangry

I for Item Number

J for Jamanwar

K for Kindly Keep Quiet

L for Lallygagging

M for M

N for No Name Basis

O for OMG

P for Pervert

Q for Quiet time

R for Rest time

S for shame


Thank you for dropping by :)

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