Flavors of India: Andhra Pradesh – Event Announcement

New event on the blog people. Make way 🙂

Ghar ka Khana..!!

When I hosted my last event, Favorite Recipe: Non-Indian Food, an idea crept in my mind of why not host an event to know the various cuisines in India…

So shared the idea with Pallavi from Cook Eat Burpp.. and we both decided to take it up on an alternate basis… We will take up a state per month (in alphabetic order)…

So here comes the first Flavor Of India, Andhra Pradesh..  So lets get in all the flavors of Andhra in our kitchen and prepare some authentic Andhra dishes like Biryani, Pesarattu, Pappu Koora,  and many many others..


Rules for the event:

  1. You must cook and post the recipe on your blog pertaining to the theme only Authentic Andhra Food.
  2. Looking for fresh entries and to try out new recipes. So, no archived posts will be entertained.
  3. Only vegetarian dishes will be allowed. (Eggs in dishes are allowed).
  4. Multiple…

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