Sprouts Paratha

I for one cannot eat the sprouts raw. Ackkhhhhh….. Hence I find ways to conceal it in the food 🙂

This recipe is a part of BM#28. Check out other participants here in the Blogging Marathon page.

You shall need: [Makes about 6 paratha]

1/2 cup…. Sprouts

Wheat flour Dough for Paratha

Salt to taste

1 tsp… Chaat masala

Red chilly powder to taste

Oil/ghee to fry the parathas.


  • Mix the masalas in the sprout and keep aside for a few min.
  • Stuff the dough balls with the sprouts mix and roll it like a chapati. Tutorial on how to stuff a paratha is here.
  • Shallow fry them on a griddle and serve with love.

sprouts paratha


This dish is specially for Pavani’s event- 5 ingredient fix, which she is hosting this month in Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight event.She has given salt/sugar, chilli powder/pepper powder, oil/butter as freebies and this dish which uses very few ingredients seems apt for her event


12 thoughts on “Sprouts Paratha

  1. Question#1: What will happen if I add grated carrot to the sprout mix?
    Question#2: Will i get good flavour if I add a pinch of Garlic to the paratha mix?

    • Sure you can add carrot. A lot of people squeeze water out from the shredded carrots but I generally dont. Mix the masals just before you are about to stuff. Dont keep it for too long in the masala.
      I generally dont like garlic in parathas, if you love the flavor please go ahead and add 🙂

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