Trashy Movies Gourmet Party

Oh come on dont make a face now, we all love to hate them. Angoor ka dana, Chatt pe soya tha behnoi, Doodh Ban jaungi.. and the list is long. ๐Ÿ™‚ One can enjoy these movies and songs for the sole purpose of laughing at the trashy makeup, rolling on the floor on the dialog delivery and garish outfits. Why not have a party with your beloved friends who would love the theme as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also there is a dedicated Facebook page for the same.

So here it is:

Theme- Trashy Movies Gourmet Party

Dress Code- Dress up as any trashy song that you like characters.

For ambiance there shall be posters, head gears, masks and overload of makeup available for all to dress up.

So what all does the food part need? A few kick ass starters, drinks, a delicious main and a delightful dessert. And food has to be gourmet coz we love good food. No compromise there.

Tarts with Tamarind and dates chutney flavored filling- I love their this chutney. It has right tart and sweet mix.

Paneer Makhani Flavored tikkis- I can only imagine who well they would turn out.

Dal Bukhara with Jeera Rice- Seriously if you have not had Maah di dat it ITC you have missed something very vital.

Paneer Durbari– Those luscious cubes of paneer in that rich smooth gravy.

Moog dal halwa– That beautiful golden color of the halwa is to die for.

And of course there shall be Roti/paratha.

What theme party shall you host?

This post is a part of Indobloggers challenge.


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