Product Review: Bean Tree Hummus

A very talented and gracious entrepreneur from Bangalore, Poornima Dhall, makes really really awesome Hummus from home. She lovingly calls it Bean Tree. It is made at home with best of the ingredients around.

To her repertoire she has 3 stunning Hummus to offer: Classic, Lemon Corriander and Red Pepper. I got to try 2 of them, classic and lemon corriander.

Photo Credit: Monika manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika Manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika Manchanda

Let us try to understand the idea and history of Hummus before I tell you what I think about it.

  • It comes from the Middle East.
  • It is essentially a dip or spread
  • It is rich in iron and vitamin C
  • It is completely vegetarian.
  • It is essentially a complete protein when eaten with bread.

So what do we look for in a dip of this sort? It has to be well seasoned, creamy and spreadable/be used as dip.

Coming back to the Bean tree hummus. The Lemon corriander is in fact the best hummus flavor I have tasted [beyond the regular one that is].  It has the right amount of tart to balance the earthy corriander flavor. We tried it with Pita bread and lavash. The consistency is just right. it does not drip on you but also is great when you try to spread it on the pita. I am definitely going back for more.

The classic one was good as well but I guess the we were sold on the lemon one that we didnt do proper justice to this one. I have one remark on this one, I wish it was a little more seasoned. It lacked salt about just a touch. Over all an extremely happy-about-the-product blogger I am. 🙂

I am told that it is available at Godrej Nature’s Basket but I failed to locate it at Indiranagar and Richmond Town stores. I must check the one at Koramangala. However you may contact her here.

It is priced at 150Rs for 180Gms. A superb deal for such goodness. Do let me know if you try it out. 🙂


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