Chef’s Table:Amiamo La Pizza

Pizza è la prova che Dio ci ama e vuole che siamo felici- Pizza is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Such welcoming lines from the Mövenpick news release. 🙂

Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore recently hosted “Fall in love with Pizza” chef’s table for a couple of bloggers. I being one of them, had an opportunity to experience the finest ingredients and insightful conversations. Chef Mayur was at the table who knows his pizza very well. The event was held at Mezzaluna, their fine dining restaurant.

The best part about the whole experience was the chance to meet the chef and discuss the method of cooking, dough rolling, topping selection and even the choice of the wine [Moncaro].

The toppings included, panchetta. figs in balsamic, hand picked garden herbs, roasted vegetables, smoked chicken with pine nuts and oh the beautiful cheeses. What a stunning makeover these pizzas got at the celebrated restaurant.

Movenpick Pizza Event

Movenpick Pizza Event

Movenpick Pizza Event

We tasted the following:

  • Caprina [Wild mushroon, fresh thyme, goat cheese and roasted red peppers] – I missed eating this one 😦
  • Contadina [Grilled artichokes, roasted zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms with sun dried tomatoes and fresh herbs] – One of my fav.
  • Braccio Di Ferro [Baby Spinach, caramelized onions and feta]- What excellent combination was this one.
  • Fromaggi [4 cheese pizza]- I had been shying away from this one for sometime now but it stared at me on a whole wheat base and I would not say no 🙂
  • Pizza E Fichi [Parma ham and balsamic marinated figs]- I am a convert to the non traditional toppings with one one. The taste was magical.
  • Vesuvio [Roasted veggies, panchetta and ricotta]
  • Genovese [Smoked chicken, basil pesto, fontina cheese and pine nuts]- Divine is the word. Aaah the magic of smoked flavor with pine nuts. bliss.
  • Bufalina [Lamb meat, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes] The lamb was chewy for my taste but  I am sure it was just one off case. 🙂

Meal ended on a high with the stunning Mövenpick icecream. Oh my God. It was to die for.

High points of the event:

  • Wine pairing
  • Gracious hosts
  • Wheat base option for the pizza
  • Super thin crust and just the right portion of toppings on each.
  • And yes the ice cream

The non vegetarian pizzas are priced at 550 each and the vegetarian ones are at 450 each. Darn good deal I must say 🙂 [Exclusive of the taxes]


115 Pipeline Road | Bangalore | India

+91 80 4300 1000 |

Pic courtesy Tadka-Pasta.



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